Unlike tons of buh-lawgs who decide who is the lbr  themselves,you Ah-dorable readers are going to choose.xox

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as Alicia Rivera would say,”Extra,extra,I’ve got gawsip!”,I really do.And oh,my is it juicy.

Rachel Kenmore, better known as rmr4ever,has been accused of getting her “estate” pics off of her blawg..and the pictures with her actually in it,Are less than an “estate”…More like a suburban georgia/Iowa/south dakota¬† home.Maybe she’s nawt the girl we think she is….

looks like layne abeley Is quitting her blawg…Over crome by drama,perhaps?

Kristen gregory Calls herself an Alpha…let’s see how massie reacts to that.

Oh well,slow news day.I will be posting a new update everyday,so make sure to check this blog out.And remember…



Gossip girl

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You know you love me..

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

I am Gossip Girl,covering the deep,dark secrets and rumors floating around wordpress,whether it be fro the girls next door,the striking alphas,or infamous clique characters…You can’t hide. My identity I will never confess,but let’s just say I know my name around wordpress.And don’t try with the hate comments.It just gives me more publicity.


Gossip girl

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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